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Blue Ridge Hunt Annual Dog Show

By Georgia Andrews

Photos by Joanne Maisano

     Over Memorial Day weekend the Blue Ridge Hunt (BRH)sponsored and hosted its second Dog Show and Terrier races.  The event was held on Anne and Bill McIntosh’s farm in Clarke County.  BRH is one of the staples in the equine community and the dog show was held to reach out to the greater Clarke County Community.  A portion of the proceeds were donated to the Shenandoah Valley Equine Rescue Network, the Clarke County Equine Alliance, and the Clark County Animal Shelter.

     The show was held on Sunday May 30, 2021, which turned out to be an unseasonably chilly day perfect for the dogs in attendance.  About 60 people attended the event and of those 60, according to Anne, about half were not affiliated with the BRH.  In addition to the terrier races, 

the event boasted a costume class, walk sit and stay class, and a best Frisbee Catcher.  The winning dogs won toys supplied by the BRH, as well as bragging rights.  The classes were judged by BRH members Katherine Berger and Winkie MacKay-Smith.  Smith has been a show judge for years.  

     The BRH is one of the oldest hunts in the United States having been in existence since 1888.  According to Master Anne McIntosh BRH now has about 80 units and close to 100 members which is up from years past.  Members pay a yearly subscription fee.  Anne has been a member of BRH for 32 years and a Master for 16 years.  The other Master of the BRH Jeffrey L. LeHew was also in attendance at the event.  

     According to Anne McIntosh the unique event was only the 2nd time BRH had held such a dog show.  McIntosh stated “we decided just to do something more community oriented.”  BRH is seeking to be more inclusive of the community at large and to give back to the organizations who work to assist the equine community in Clarke County. McIntosh hopes to make this an annual event.

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